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Live Well Tahoe- The Larson Family: Proud Shaklee Mompreneurs since 2008. Live Healthier, Feel Better, Go Greener, Dream Bigger!
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We were first introduced to Shaklee in 1971 when green was just a color and biodegradable was a new word.  Joanne's interest in ecology was strong so finding a company with the same interest and philosophy was exciting to her. After using Basic H, Vita Lea, and Instant Protein for just one month, Joanne was hooked and began sharing their benefits with her friends.  Joanne was on the "FastTrack" 40+ years ago as within 4 months she had "shared" so many products that she became a Sales Leader. Dave joined in with the business aspect within the first year and both continue to be involved in the business enjoying the benefits of the PRODUCTS, a 6 FIGURE INCOME. BONUS CARS, and world TRAVEL for the past 40+ years.  What other profession can you work happily touching people and changing lives for so long?

Generational wealth was a term usually used by Barons and Multi-Millionaires until Shaklee allowed US to create a business that is strong and financially secure enough to pass down for generations to come.  And in 2007 it truly became a family business as our son Matt and his wife Nicolle joined us as active partners- igniting a new interest in an already amazing company.
     Matt and Nicolle

Please join our Shaklee Family and learn all about the wonderful things we have to offer you! Please check out our page, "Why Shaklee?  Why Us?" (Soon to come)